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What is Nanotechnology?

It is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. In a better way,  it is powerful new technology which makes  things which are useful for us  on a nanoscale. You imagine the things in your room as a collection of atoms ,cells,  molecules etc. Now if you want to create a different item you can select  some of these atoms or cells  to make it , like you make with  building blocks. Nano technology is that stuff which make thing incredibly on small scale.

Nano means billionth.That means a nano meter is one billionth of one meter. Zooming into each particle  which is on earth may explain to us how science works with the atom, molecules and cells.That is what nano-science. Nano-scale helps us to do experiment on nano-science. Once we understand nano-science,we can apply the technology ie., nanotechnology. Because science is theory and technology is its application.

Why Do Sliced Apples Turn Brown?

Have you ever thought of it? How an apple cut apart turn brown after some time?


It is due to some bio-chemical reactions called enzymatic browning.When an apple is cut into pieces the plant tissue is exposed to Oxygen.This triggers an enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase . read more…

Why Do You Have to Turn Off Electronic Devices on an Airplane?

Have you ever thought of why you have to switch off the mobiles, Lap tops and tabs  inside an airplane?  We are warned that cellular service must be turned off because device transmissions interfere with the aircraft’s navigational equipment. But does this really happen? Can your cellular phone or other electronic device truly endanger the flight?


The first step is knowing how your electronic device works and interacts with the airplane. Read the explanation for this.

Can You Drink Water from a Cactus?


You may have heard that you can get water from a cactus if you are ever lost and dehydrated in a desert. Have You? Or is it a myth? Sounds like interesting?Read on..

A Tale of Two Submerged Continents

Mauritia and Zealandia, were the two submerged continents and what the multinational team made up of South African, German, and Norwegian geologists and geophysicists have found about them.   Explore youself.

You will get more on

Human Body 

Eminent Scientists

Inventions and Discoveries

and a lot more Quizzes on various branches of Science



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