Best User Award for the Month

Best User of the month (July 2014) is Naseem Shah of  Class XI D. he has been awarded with A Book presented by the Principal in the Morning Assembly


Welcome Young Readers Kendriya Vidyalaya Pangode.

Hi dear all,

Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya  Pangode also lands in cyber space! Hope you all will like it and enjoy. This is an attempt by a school librarian to catch up with the fast paced world of information and a sincere effort to pick the pearls of knowledge to disseminate it to the young hunters of knowledge and  to provide on line guidance for  and services of the library to the maximum extent. Visitors please give suggestions for the improvement.

right information at the right time

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Look out, honey, 'cause I'm using technology.


There were so many questions in life. You couldn't ever have all the answers.Still...


right information at the right time