School Library is well stocked with18703 books 67 CDs and 42 periodicals. The library is fully automated with the library software  Libsoft and is organised according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Library has a seating capacity for 60 students and 10 teachers at a time. The collection span from literature to Technology ; Biography to Philosophy.

                                    Library statistics


                 Total no. of books

                    (as per the stock)                    17578

                 No. of text books                        475

                 No. of Reference books              620

                 No. of  fiction books                   3706

                 No. of General Books                  785

Subject wise list of Library Collection

Gk & Quiz                                     448

Comp Sc&   Programming           145

Philosophy  & Psychology             144

Religion                                         26

Social Science                             150

Political science                             25

Indian Constitution                         15

Economics                                    157

Education                                      125

Language                                      15

English                                           79

Grammer                                      30

Science                                        115

Mathematics                                468

Astronomy                                   29

Physics                                       529

Chemistry                                   398

Geology                                       15

Biology                                       431

Botany                                         150

Zoology                                       175

Medical Sciences                         25

Diseases                                     12

Technology                                 15

Agriculture                                   12

Cookery                                      10

Arts                                            27

Architecture                               13

Drawing                                    20

Painting                                    14

Music                                        12

Sports                                      78

Literature                             3000

English                                  2500

Poetry                                   56

Drama                                  46

Fiction                               1985

Junior                                 1100

Senior                                  525

Essay                                      25

Speeches                               12

Letters                                   15

Geography                            89

Biography                            132

History                                  329

                             List of  periodicals/magazines available 

General Periodicals

  1. India Today(Eng& Hindi )
  2. The Week
  3. The Outlook
  4. Sportstar
  5. Employment News
  6. Reader’s Digest
  7. GK Refresher
  8. Frontline
  9. Competition Success
  10.  GK Today
  11. Competition refresher
  12. National Geographic
  13. Chronicle
  14. Sanctuary Asia
  15. Inside Outside

           Academic Journals

1. Education Today

2. Education Today plus

3. Physics For you

4. Chemistry Today

5. Mathematics Today

6. Brilliant Student (for Classes 9,10,11,12)

            Special Journals

1.  Down to Earth

2. Yojana

3. Digit

4. Science Reporter

5. Career 360

6. Computer Active

7. Business India

       Children’s Magazine

1. Tinkle

2. Magic Pot

3. Champak(Eng& Hin)

4. Gokulam

5. Children’s Digest

6. Children’ World

7. Wisdom

 Hindi Journals

1.  Sangrathan

2. Sahitya Kranthi

3. Samakaleen sahitya Charitra

4. Sarita

General Information

Library timing is 8.15 AM to 3.00 PM

Rules: Each student can have 2 books  at a time and period for which they can keep the book is for 14 days

Books which are labelled as Reference will not be issued out. Students can refer it in the library.

Students are not supposed to bring any book or notebook to the library other than library books and note. Renewal of a book is possible for twice at a stretch, provided the book is not in great demand.Any book lost must be replaced or 3 times the cost of the book should be paid.

Magazines can be issued but not the current  issues .

Book issue will be only on library periods, This is applicable for both X and XII classes too.Return and renewal is possible at any time .

Internet Browsing is allowed only for academic purpose for which log book is maintained. Students use this facility preferably when the library is free.

No bags and other personal belongings are allowed inside the library.


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