World wonders

Here are some notes on the wonders of the world. You may be familiar with the Seven wonders of the world. But here you can read about more wonders of the world.

Let us start from the wonders of the Ancient world :

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The city of Babylon, under King Nebuchadnezzar II, must have been a wonder to the ancient traveler’s eyes.According to  ancient sources, Nebuchadnezzar had the Hanging Gardens built around 600 BCE for his wife Amytis.  Amyitis was homesick for her verdant and mountainous home, and quite depressed living in the flat and arid Babylon. Thus an elaborate garden was constructed to replicate her lush homeland and cheer her up.

Though some believe that the Hanging Gardens never existed, it is not outside of the realm of possibility that they were real.They were destroyed by an earthquake sometime after the 1st century CE. (Courtesy Ancient Encyclopedia )

Great Pyramid of Giza


When we hear about Pyramid the name of the country Egypt comes to our mind.Its the defining symbol of  Egypt. Its one among the ancient Seven Wonders of the world. It is located on the plateau of Giza near Cairo, and built during the period of king Khufu (2589-2566 BC also known as Cheops).It was the tallest structure made by human hands until the construction of Eiffel tower.

Many theories are there as to why pyramids are built, and prominent among them is thatit is made a tomb for King Khufu. (Courtesy Ancient Encyclopedia )

Colossus of Rhode


This is a statue of statue of the god Helios constructed between 292 and 280 BC.The statue was commissioned after the defeat of the invading army of Demetrius in 304 BC.The statue was commissioned after the defeat of the invading army of Demetrius in 304 BC.  It stood over 110 feet high overlooking the harbor of Rhodes .Statue of Liberty of  New York City is modeled on the Colossus. The statue stood for only 56 years before it was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC. (Courtesy Ancient Encyclopedia )

Statue of Zeus at Olympia


The Statue of Zeus at Olympia was created by the great Greek sculptor Phidias). The statue depicted the god Zeus seated on his throne. Height of the statue was 40 feet. The statue was carried off to Constantinople( present Turkey) where it was later destroyed, sometime in either the 5th or 6th centuries CE, by an earthquake.

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus


This temple at Ephesus  was a Greek Colony in Asia Minor. It took over 120 years to build and only one night to destroy.The temple was 425 feet high,and 225 feet wide.  It was built in 550 BC by the wealthy King Croesus of Lyd.It was a very magnificent one as it is written  and that this was among the most amazing structures ever raised by humans. A man named Herostratus set fire to the temple. According to him he wanted to be famous by  destroying something beautiful. The Alexander the Great was born on the day it was destroyed and he later offers to rebuild this temple but was refused by the Ephesians.but after that it was rebuild and again destroyed .

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


Lighthouse of Alexandria



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