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                What is the aim of your education? Knowledge acquisition is the ultimate aim, but that you can always possible throughout you life. Life long learning is the requirement of all of us who strive to better in their life .But apart from the learning part it is essential to have a career for you if you have to perform well as a social being. You have to provide a better contribution towards the society for its betterment or well-being. For that it is necessary that you involve in a career. And a career which suits your interests , your social background,  and provides you with ample economic assistance and boost your morality.

So it is  very much important to choose one’s career according to one’s interests,passion and requirements.So carefully choose your careerand for that you have to select the required courses fof studies. Here it is an effort from my side to guide you to select your future career. Some interestinglinks have been provided to assist you.

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Here is a Chart showing some of the options for courses.

Click on the Image above to know about the major streams after your Class 12.


Here is wbsite to guide you for the future career.

In this link you will find out career assessments and explorations as well as colleges to suit you.

Shiksha : A website provides higher education course details .


How Does Career Guidance Support Career Development?

This site explains how it becomes better when you choose a guidance before gong into select a course.

Pervin Malhotra is India’s top career counsellor.Listen to her on various doubts asked by many:

Qn : “In our education system, marks are very important. If I don’t get good marks in say, mathematics, but want to work as a media planner, how do I judge my skills?”

Ans: “A career in Media planning does require a considerable amount of number crunching and mathematical skills, but I believe that if you are very keen and focused on your goal, you will work hard to overcome the obstacles in your path. Your passion can compensate for your lack of qualification to some extent”.

Qn. “One skill needed in every/almost all professions?”

Ans “Communication, though it’s importance varies. For example, in a profession like that of a research scientist, you may not be required to communicate as much as customer facing professions like sales or marketing, but even a researcher is required to communicate his findings to his peers and share the benefits of his findings with people. For medical practitioners, communicating with patients, and understanding their problems is important..”     Read more …


10 awesome free career self-assessment tools on the Internet

Knowing whether you’re a “mediator,” “defender” or an ISTJ can help you find the right job for you. Seriously.

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